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Due to expanded commitments to my small press, I've been forced to cut down on some other projects. I would be delighted if someone else came forward to carry on this blog. Meanwhile, I hope some of the links and contacts herein are of some use.



Justin Vitiello & Ellen Peckham: Philadelphia: 3/28

Saturday, March 28, 2 PM: The Mad Poets Society Fox Chase Reading Series will feature poets Justin Vitiello and Ellen Peckham at 3 Sisters Corner Café, Corner of Barnes and Loney Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19111 . To read the poets work please visit Fox Chase Review.

Justin Vitiello is a Professor Emeritus of Italian at Temple University. He received his B.A. from Brown University (1963) and, after a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Spain (1963-64), he did his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (English, Italian, Spanish) at the University of Michigan (1964-70). He has published numerous scholarly articles on and translations of medieval, Renaissance and modern Italian, Sicialian and Spanish poetry. His books (including those listed below that are for sale directly from him in autographed copies) are: Il carro del pesce di Vanzetti (poems, 1989), Vanzetti's Fish Cart (poems, 1991), Sicily Within (essays, 1992), Italy's Ultramodern, Experimental Lyrics: Corpo 10 (1992), Poetics and Literature of the Sicilian Diaspora; Studies in Oral History and Story Telling (1993, reprinted in 1998), Labyrinths and Volcanoes: Windings Through Sicily (essays, 1999), suicidio di un poeta etnico/suicide of an ethnic poet (poems, 2004), Labirinti e vulcani: nel cuore della Sicilia (essays, 2005), and amapolas y cardos/poppies and thistles (poems and poetic sketches of Spain, 2006). He is presently working on another book of poetry in Spanish and English dealing with his recent experiences in Latin America and two other lyric volumes in Italian and English touching upon his family's anarchist and tragic history.

Ellen Peckham has read, published and exhibited in the U.S. , Europe and Latin America . She frequently uses both art forms in a single work, the text decorating and explicating and the image illuminating. Her archives of drafts, edits and art are collected at the Harry Ransom Center For The Humanities and a 7-minute visual biography, Parallel Vocabularies, is available on DVD and via her Web site.