extended hiatus

Due to expanded commitments to my small press, I've been forced to cut down on some other projects. I would be delighted if someone else came forward to carry on this blog. Meanwhile, I hope some of the links and contacts herein are of some use.



Betsy Wheeler: Susquehanna Univ: 6/26/06

Betsy Wheeler, who currently holds the position of Stadler Fellow at Bucknell Univeristy, will read at Susquehanna University tonight at 7:30. Wheeler is a guest writer in Susquehanna's Advanced Writer's Workshop, an annual program for high school creative writers now in its 18th year. The program runs from June 25 - July 1 at Susquehanna. Follow this link for a detailed article at the university's web site.

For more information on The Advanced Writers Workshop, click here or contact Gary Fincke by phone (570-372-4164) or e-mail.