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Due to expanded commitments to my small press, I've been forced to cut down on some other projects. I would be delighted if someone else came forward to carry on this blog. Meanwhile, I hope some of the links and contacts herein are of some use.



Tara Holdren: Bloomsburg: 9/9/08

Tuesday, September 9, 7:30 PM: Poet Tara Holdren will be the featured reader at the River Poets monthly event in Phillips Emporium, 10 East Main Street in Bloomsburg. An open reading will follow; this month's theme is circles.

Tara will read poems from her collection Circumnavigation, available from Paper Kite Press (copies may be available after the reading). While some poems focus on the feminine experience, others are projections into other voices or characters. Poems from this collection have appeared in Watershed, won honorable mentions in annual Mulberry Poets' contests, and been featured in The Daily Item.

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