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Scranton Poem Opera: A Benefit for Jen Diskin: 9/12/08

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Friday, September 12, 7 PM: Craig Czury's Scranton Poem Opera will be presented at the AFA Gallery, 514 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton. This event is sponsored by Mulberry Poets & Writers and the AFA Gallery.

Jennifer Diskin is scheduled to receive a bone marrow transplant in a couple of months. She'll need to stay close to the hospital for three months, and will require live-in help as the transplant will compromise her immune system. She needs help with these expenses.

Jennifer told us, "Without the transplant, the Hodgkin's will return."

Craig's Scranton Poem Opera is free, and AFA's door will be wide open to the public. We hope you will attend whether or not you want to make a donation to Jennifer's cause. We just wanted to give you a heads-up and encourage you to put some cash in your wallet to give. Jen is a remarkable poet and human being. We all want her to be well again.

The Scranton Poem Opera is a multi-voice poetry performance in four movements; it has also been staged by the City Theater Company for its 1998 10-Minute Play Festival in Wilmington, Delaware.

Czury says, "Unlike classical opera, the poem opera is a reminder that the human voice speaking poetry is its own music, a language that implodes upon the stage we carry around inside us."

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