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Due to expanded commitments to my small press, I've been forced to cut down on some other projects. I would be delighted if someone else came forward to carry on this blog. Meanwhile, I hope some of the links and contacts herein are of some use.



G Emil Reutter's Blue-Collar Poet now available

Stonegarden.net Publishing is now accepting pre-orders of G Emil Reutter’s latest release, Blue Collar Poet: Selected Poems, 1994-2008.

What others say about the poetry of G Emil Reutter:

"Reutter’s poetry has the keen ability to focus on people in a variety of situations, and to add his own unique twist to each poetic experience.”- Diane Sahms-Guarnier, Poetry Board Editor, Philadelphia Stories Magazine

“The stench of cigarette ash and the resinous swell of pines are as much a part of these moments as the wise and careful worry, the sharp memories, and quiet hope.”- Louis Mckee, Publisher, One Trick Pony Magazine

"His work reflects a love of life and a concern for humanity; it is the epitome of the idea that with every single moment we learn something about ourselves.”—Eileen D’Angelo, Editor, Mapoets Review

“Always ready to tell the truth and shame the devil, he can take you places from the road to the barroom and so many stops between.”- Vincent Quatroche, Professor, Fredonia State University

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