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The Beards Anthology: Philadelphia: 11/21/08

Friday, November 21, 6 PM: Robin's Bookstore (108 S 13th St, Philadelphia) presents The Beards Anthology

"At first, The Beards seem like a most unlikely group of people to come together. The Administrator. The Angry Poet. The Hippie-Chick Feminist. The Postman. The Skateboarder. The Artist. The Political Activist." - Aleathia Drehmer (Editor)

"At the last minute I was asked to publish this great anthology of amazing poetry. Initially I felt as if I were dancing on the grave of a dead friend, but decided that this is an important volume of work. These writers best characterize a rising trend of excellence from the underground. Each poet brings a unique and dynamic vision." -Jack Henry (Publisher)

Throughout the history of literature, there have always been literary movements comprised of friends. I believe the beat movement would be a perfect example of that. That is all we, The Beards are. We were all friends online and met for the first time when we were all asked to read in June 2008 at the Connecticut Beat Poetry Festival. There we stayed in the same hotel, and got to know each other very well. Jacob and Katie did not stay with us, but they spent a lot of time in our hotel room. It was like the perfect storm, we all banded together against a common enemy, and just had fun. The locals loved us and news traveled fast of the antics of The Beards. Two weeks later The Beards minus two all performed in Kansas City for the Offbeat Pulp/Kill Poet Summer Accident. There was quite a buzz growing about The Beards.

For more information: www.beardspoetry.com

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